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Causes of Rosacea and how to treat it naturally

What is Rosacea

Rosacea is red and inflamed skin that can make your skin show veins, look flushed, and create swollen bumps. Rosacea is the result of dry, damaged skin that is over-reacting to irritants and bacteria. Rosacea if left unchecked can make your skin more sensitive over time causing tenderness, painful irritation, and hardened swelling. People with Rosacea usually can do little to treat it with mainstream products because of how reactive Rosacea can be. 

Symptoms of Rosacea

Flushing or blushing, sensitive skin, and veins, especially around the central region of the face and nose. This area is directly exposed and has the most concentration of bacteria. The veins you see are actually small blood vessels breaking making them more visible under your skin. 

Swollen bumps/pimples, irritation, and inflammation are caused from damaged skin reacting to bacteria and irritants. These irritants can come from “dirty” things touching your face such as unwashed brushes, rags, and your hands. Your skin can also be producing bacteria irritants trying to fight off the same inflammation reacting from it. 

What Causes the symptoms

Sun damage, like many skin conditions, is one of the biggest culprits of rosacea. After too much exposure to the sun's rays the skin will start to break down. Becoming dry, red, sensitive, and more prone to reactions/breakouts. 

Sweat, bacteria, clogged/dirty pores is what causes the “rosacea pimples” you see with more severe rosacea. Often, this kind of rosacea is mistaken for acne. So when one treats it with mainstream acne products it becomes dry and irritated resulting in an over reaction. 

Sensitive skin that leads to tenderness and irritation from damaged skin caused by harsh treatments, sun damage, and bacteria breaking down your skin. Sensitivity is only a symptom of damaged skin. Repair the skin, eliminate the sensitive irritation.

Treating Rosacea

Sun protection is key to every skincare routine. If you are currently dealing with rosacea then definitely be wearing at least SPF30 when going out. Rosacea is a reactive condition. What to aim for is to repair the damage the skin has taken without further setting it back with sunburns. 

Repairing skin cells is how you solve Rosacea. Rosacea is, at its core, a bunch of damaged and reactive skin cells. Using nutrients such as Calamus, Calendula, Comfrey Leaf, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Red Clover, Rosehips, and Sage, you can boost the healing process while strengthening the layers of skin.

Hydration increases the circulation of nutritious ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin. Skin is at its best when hydrated. Full skin cells create a smooth and vibrant look. Hydrated skin also fights off offenders more effectively, and increases the amount of nutrients traveling to the various layers of your skin.

RSC Recommended Products

All of our Rosacea products were designed to be extremely gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Acne + Rosacea Cream

Acne + Rosacea Cream hydrates dry skin, heals & evens out patchy skin, and fights all types of bacterial redness.

SPF30+ Day Cream

SPF30+ Day Cream protects skin with SPF30+ blend of non-nano zinc and titanium blend. Soothing butters and emollient oils keep your skin from reacting while also delivering the nutritious herbal blend to the many layers of your skin.

Rosacea Treatment & Hydration Serum

Treatment Serum is rich in emollient oils, this serum is designed to deposit lots of immune building and redness fighting nutrients. Its oils provide intense hydration with leaving trace oils behind. Soothes all sensitivity and irritation.

“I alternate between using the Rosacea SPF (which is thicker and more moisturizing) and the mature skin Vit C day creme (which has a thinner consistency and absorbs better). I love them both. They perform as well as high-end day creams which can be twice the cost. They are both relatively odorless. Neither are greasy or feel like sun block. I will keep purchasing these over and over.”
- Sarah Rosacea SPF30+ Day Cream

“his product is so hydrating and nourishing. I feel a slight soothing effect when I put it on. I have dry to normal sensitive skin with slight rosacea on my cheeks. When I wake up in the morning after using my skin tone looks so much more even. I love this serum.”
- Catherine S. Rosacea Treatment Serum

Common Skin Issues in Winter

Sun Burns

Protecting your skin with SPF during the winter season is JUST as important as summer time. In fact, the drop in temperature causes thinner air increasing the amount of UV/UVA sun rays touching your skin. The sun’s rays also penetrate through cloud cover/overcast. Basically, if you’re going outside don’t forget to wear SPF!

Dry Skin

Colder weather also decreases humidity which increases the amount of moisture evaporating right out of your skin. Less moisture weakens cell structure leading to your skin feeling rougher and prone to cracking. Be sure to regularly moisturize your skin. If you have especially dry skin salves & serums do wonders!


Irritating redness is usually a symptom of dry skin that hasn’t been getting enough moisture caused from cold dry air or too much sun. If your cheeks become blushed it might your skin telling you it needs hydration. 

RSC Recommended Products


• Broad-spectrum (SPF45) protection made of Non-Nano/Micro-Particle free zinc and titanium combined with emollient (hydrating) oils and butters that moisturize the skin.

• 8-10% SPF blend in sunscreen lotions.

Sport SPF45 Control Lotion for added breakout protection or Outdoor Sun Lotion (SPF45) for water-resistant and effective sunscreen.


Outdoor Dry Skin Salve is a remedy made especially for overexposure to more extreme conditions. It is especially good on dry flaky skin and has the ability to relieve sunburn and or windburn redness. Numerous butters are combined to add nutrients and add hydration. Excellent anywhere you apply it.

Outdoor SPF45 Wind Salve is designed for Sun and Wind protection in harsher environments or activities where you face the elements (i.e snow activities, long periods spent outdoors, more erratic weather).A rich, deep penetrating salve with UV/UVA protection. made with naturally emollient Shea and Cocoa Butter for the right balance of hydration.

Eczema Treatment Salve coats the rash, dry, and/or cracked skin in hydrating oils and butters that smooth & soothe the affected area using the hebrbal blend to deliver nutrients to these damaged areas of skin to boost the healing process

Eczema Treatments

Treatment Lotion or Treatment Cream soothes itches and moisturizes patchy dry skin. It’s high in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs and oils that gently eradicates eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and most varieties of topical skin rashes.

“Love this thick but creamy formula for those extra dry areas. I use this where my eczema is the worse. It’s very soothing and hydrating. I also believe it helps heal my skin. Never want to be without it.”
- Jeanie K. Eczema Treatment Cream

“The best facial sunscreen I've ever used. Protects skin without being greasy or breaking me out. Great under foundation and other makeup.”
- Lederman G. Sport SPF45 Control Lotion