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New Outdoor Products

Plant & Poison Treatment, Soothe & Renew Lotion, Bug Lotion, Bug Spritz, Lip Balm

Environmentally Safe

When it comes to packaging, less is more. Our products are filled, packaged, and shipped “naked” without the use of extra plastics around the product. Our boxes, bottles, and packing are made from recycled materials to keep our standard above others.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients
Each ingredient that goes into any of our skincare and cosmetics is certified-organic and sourced from ethical suppliers. We are committed to providing a family-brand of ethical, cruelty free, and environmentally safe products; to bridge the gap between mainstream products and the reality of true skin nutrition.

Safe for Skin

Flushing or blushing, sensitive skin, and veins, especially around the central region of the face and nose. This area is directly exposed and has the most concentration of bacteria. The veins you see are actually small blood vessels breaking making them more visible under your skin. 

Swollen bumps/pimples, irritation, and inflammation are caused from damaged skin reacting to bacteria and irritants. These irritants can come from “dirty” things touching your face such as unwashed brushes, rags, and your hands. Your skin can also be producing bacteria irritants trying to fight off the same inflammation reacting from it. 

Essential Herbs & Ingredients

Main Ingredients in the new outdoor skincare

Essential Proprietary Herbal Blends are steeped in distilled water and then let to sit for a minimum of 30 days to create a tea base that is used along with aloe, then infused in the products. A similar method is used with carrier oils. The concern specific skincare products are attributed to the unique blend of herbs (for each collection) infused directly into the products. RSC considers this the most important part of the nutritious base of the products.

Menthol is a natural non-clogging cooling ingredient that is dissolved directly into the products. Menthol derives from freeze dried mint extracts.
Aloe Infused into all of our butter blends, aloe lowers inflammation and adds skin repairing nutrients to the products.

Lemongrass is a natural bug deterrent that does not usually irritate. It also detoxes your skin eliminating free radicals and adding to suppleness.

Plant & Poison Treatment

Outdoor Plant & Poison Treatment PT is designed for small insect bites, poison leafs, chiggers, and most itchy rashes. This gel paste formula combines vitamin C, zinc, and cayenne to create a thin, dry coating on the skin. This product relieves itch, accelerates healing and has an immediate cooling effect to kill the associated itch.v

Soothe & Renew Lotion

Outdoor Soothing Lotion is designed for red, inflamed/damaged and sensitive skin. Raw shea butter combined with pure aloe and menthol crystals to provide an immediate soothing effect. This nongreasy gel formula glides easily over irritated and sensitive skin.

Bug Lotion & Spritz

Bug Lotion & Bug Spritz Our Outdoor Bug Lotions & Spritz are all-natural non-greasy insect repellent and bug bite soother that is DEET free, non-irritating, and gentle. Citronella and lemongrass are combined in our herbal aloe tea blend to repel bugs and pests. The bug lotion also has aloe and rich butters to soothe itches and bug bites.

Lip Balm

Our smooth hydrating lip balm is gentle upon application and protects your lips from dryness and pain. Soothing butters like avocado, kokum, shea, and calendula absorb into skin soothing sores, cracked lips, and healing damage hurting your lips. 

All of our Outdoor products were designed to be extremely gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Common Skin Issues in Winter

Sun Burns

Protecting your skin with SPF during the winter season is JUST as important as summer time. In fact, the drop in temperature causes thinner air increasing the amount of UV/UVA sun rays touching your skin. The sun’s rays also penetrate through cloud cover/overcast. Basically, if you’re going outside don’t forget to wear SPF!

Dry Skin

Colder weather also decreases humidity which increases the amount of moisture evaporating right out of your skin. Less moisture weakens cell structure leading to your skin feeling rougher and prone to cracking. Be sure to regularly moisturize your skin. If you have especially dry skin salves & serums do wonders!


Irritating redness is usually a symptom of dry skin that hasn’t been getting enough moisture caused from cold dry air or too much sun. If your cheeks become blushed it might your skin telling you it needs hydration. 

RSC Recommended Products


• Broad-spectrum (SPF45) protection made of Non-Nano/Micro-Particle free zinc and titanium combined with emollient (hydrating) oils and butters that moisturize the skin.

• 8-10% SPF blend in sunscreen lotions.

Sport SPF45 Control Lotion for added breakout protection or Outdoor Sun Lotion (SPF45) for water-resistant and effective sunscreen.


Outdoor Dry Skin Salve is a remedy made especially for overexposure to more extreme conditions. It is especially good on dry flaky skin and has the ability to relieve sunburn and or windburn redness. Numerous butters are combined to add nutrients and add hydration. Excellent anywhere you apply it.

Outdoor SPF45 Wind Salve is designed for Sun and Wind protection in harsher environments or activities where you face the elements (i.e snow activities, long periods spent outdoors, more erratic weather).A rich, deep penetrating salve with UV/UVA protection. made with naturally emollient Shea and Cocoa Butter for the right balance of hydration.

Eczema Treatment Salve coats the rash, dry, and/or cracked skin in hydrating oils and butters that smooth & soothe the affected area using the hebrbal blend to deliver nutrients to these damaged areas of skin to boost the healing process

Eczema Treatments

Treatment Lotion or Treatment Cream soothes itches and moisturizes patchy dry skin. It’s high in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs and oils that gently eradicates eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and most varieties of topical skin rashes.

“Love this thick but creamy formula for those extra dry areas. I use this where my eczema is the worse. It’s very soothing and hydrating. I also believe it helps heal my skin. Never want to be without it.”
- Jeanie K. Eczema Treatment Cream

“The best facial sunscreen I've ever used. Protects skin without being greasy or breaking me out. Great under foundation and other makeup.”
- Lederman G. Sport SPF45 Control Lotion