Acne Gel Masque (GM) is designed to provide a rich herbal exfoliation underneath the skin and in your pores.This masque works to kill bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation, as well as remove dead skin, allowing existing breakouts to heal faster.
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Acne Regime: Moderate Acne & Breakouts

You likely have moderate acne if you have some form of acne on a continual basis. When breakouts occur, they can last for several days at a time and can damage your skin. You see that your skin is progressively becoming worse and possibly painful with moderate to large pimples.

This regime is designed to build your skin's immunity to prevent breakouts, pimples, and any acne related blemishes. If you experience frequent breakouts then the Acne Gel Mask would help strengthen you skins immunity for less breakouts, and less severity. 


Using RSC products is a change from traditional products.   You are healing your skin, giving it every opportunity to fight the acne, but leaving it healthier to combat future breakouts.  It is a natural system. 

Small breakouts sometimes occur when switching to new products.
Stay Consistent : Stay Positive


Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. Then Spot Treat.


Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. Then Spot Treat.

Green Tea – High in antioxidants that reduce the inflammation caused by acne as well as fight bacteria. Green Tea is also high in Vitamin E to promote healing. Tamanu Oil – This is again high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and promotes healing of the acne condition. Salacylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract - These provide the main topical anti-bacterial kill in the products. They are gentle exfoliators and bacteria neutralizers. Hemp Seed Oil – is an oil that allows for balance and because it delivers fatty acids for cell growth and its high absorption rate actually is used to reduce the amount of oil your body produces to create this balance and balanced oil production is vital in combating acne. Too Oily and your skin attracts and deposits bacteria and too dry the skin flakes and fills pores. Balance and bacterial kill are key to controlling acne. And diet.

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