Baby Eczema Creme

Baby Eczema Creme

RSC Baby Eczema Creme designed for mild eczema that is common in babies and small children.  Gentle formula that concentrates moisturizing the dryskin as well as delivering a subtle blend of anti bacterial and anti fungal oils that aid in prevention.  Combats the itch, redness, and dryness associated with baby eczema.  Safe for all ages.  

  • Use a trial size on a small area to judge skin reaction. 
  • Apply liberally to dry and affected areas. 
  • Alternating between Baby Lotion and Baby Eczema is recommended for mild cases.  
Aloe vera juice, shea butter, kokum butter, neem seed oil, tamanu seed oil, mango butter, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, cetyl-stearyl alcohol, GreenTea. Proprietary Herb Blend: calendula, calamus, chamomile, comfrey leaf. Preservative: potassium sorbate usp and citric acid

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