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Eczema Starter Kit
Eczema Starter Kit
Eczema Starter Kit
Eczema Starter Kit

Eczema Starter Kit

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Promote healing in most topical dermatitis conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and general irritated dry-skin issues.  Eczema.ceuticals is a blend of rich fatty acid oils and unrefined nutrient rich butters that enhance the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of the herb blend.  Consistently hydrates affected areas, reducing redness, while delivering soothing but uncompromising properties deep into the skin.


The Eczema Starter bundle is an easy 4-6 week starter system that's simple and effective. Start clearing your Eczema and Psoriasis with an easy-to-follow regime and experience the full benefits of each of the Eczema products. Hydrate skin, remove inflammation, soothe irritation, and build your skin's immunity naturally. The starter bundle comes with half-sizes of the Treatment Cream and Treatment Salve, 5oz (compared to the 9oz) bottle of Treatment Lotion, and a 2.0 oz bottle of Rash Relief and Deep Cleanse.

Eczema Proprietary Herb Blend

Green Tea:   Anti-oxidant
Chaparral:   Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory 
Marshmallow Root:   Anti-inflammatory
Red Clover:    Anti-inflammatory
Poke Root:   Anti-viral, Immunity stimulant 
Gotu Kola:   Improved collagen production, improved healing time
Neem Leaf:  Anti-septic, improved immunity, Anti-oxidant 
Oregon Grape Root:  Anti-bacterial
Calamus:   Anti-inflammatory
Comfrey Leaf:   Anti-inflammatory,  improved immunity
Calendula Flower:  Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory 

What's Included:

4-6 Week Starter Bundle

Eczema Treatment Lotion 4.0 oz.
Eczema Rash Relief Lotion 2.0 oz. 
Eczema Deep Cleanse 2.0 oz.
Eczema Treatment Cream 2.0 oz. 
Eczema Treatment Salve 2.0 oz.

Recommended Regimes Instructional Card

For full instructions and regimes please visit individual product listings and/or read the regime card included in the sampler.

For a full list of ingredients please visit individual product listings.