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Makeup Powder Foundation Sampler

The Flawless Match Make Up Kit Includes:

  • Powder foundation in 4 tones
  • Add a Creme Sampler in 4 matching tones
  • Add a Concealer Sampler in 4 matching tones
  • Add Warm and/or Cool Blenders in the 5 tones
  • Add a Sample Cleanser & Moisturizer of your choice!

free of micas, silicas, and talc, bismuth + fragrance

SPF20 BB creme foundation with clean matte finish

provides medium to full coverage

antioxidant + vitamin C herb complex

uva/uvb protection combats signs of age

protects against toxins + bacteria

hydrates + evens tone

Powder Foundation


Kaolin Clay

Zinc Oxide

Titanium Oxide

Yellow Oxide

Marine Blue Oxide

Red Oxide

Black Oxide


Crème Foundation


Yellow Oxide

Marine Blue Oxide

Red Oxide

Black Oxide

Emulsifying Wax NF                                                        

STERIC Acid                        

Cetearyl stearyl alcohol                                                                

Shea Butter                                       

Apricot Oil                                          

Citric Acid                                                           

Aloe Vera                                                          

Xanthum Gum                                                                       


Phenoxyethenol (preservative)                                                                  

ORANGE Essential Oil