Makeup Blenders

Blenders are the same consistency as the base shades: CREME, POWDER, and CONCEALER. They come in warm and cool tones, in levels of OPAQUE, BRIGHT, LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK, to help blend into the base color creating your flawless match. *Many base colors will match without the need of a blender.* You have the option to add a Blender to any of our makeup samplers if you want to customize your shade even further. 

* Blenders can be used alone as a foundation or concealer.

Made to compliment to your creme or powder foundation shade to add warm or cool tones to achieve your flawless match.  The blenders come in 5 depths and are best ordered as a sampler the first time.  Blenders come in the Creme, Powder and Concealer.

Creme Blender is used as a mix with your creme foundation or can be used as a base under powder foundation to achieve flawless matches. 

Powder Blender is used to blend a flawless match with your base powder shade to use over creme to achieve cooler or warmer tones. 

Concealer Blender is used to mix with base concealers to achieve your flawless match for under eyes and trouble spots. 

Mix and match with your base samplers or full size base color product to help create your true flawless match.

If the foundation is not covering evenly because of dry skin, use the CREME PRIMER (Coming Soon).

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