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Makeup Primer

A fully natural and gentle makeup primer. Perfect to accentuate your light to full coverage, and keep your skin from feeling "exhausted" throughout the day while hydrating and nurturing your skin for when your makeup is off. 

Pump one to three times (or as needed) in the palm of your hand and then apply to all areas you will apply makeup.

1oz e 30ml
Packaged in glass


Emulsifying Wax NF                                                        

STERIC Acid                        

Cetearyl stearyl alcohol                                                                

Shea Butter                                       

Apricot Oil                                          

Citric Acid                                                           

Aloe Vera                                                          

Xanthum Gum                                                                       


Phenoxyethenol (preservative)                                                                  

ORANGE Essential Oil