Acne Skincare Sampler


7-14 day starter regime.

Skin Type or Conditions

Designed Oily/Clogged Pores/Breakouts/Eye Care – Any age, mostly 18-34

Mini Facial

  •  Exfoliate - squeeze half inch diameter drop into your hand, then massage into the skin using a circular motion until evenly distributed;leave 60 seconds and rinse. 
  •  Masque - evenly distribute the masque across the face and let it sit till dry (approx. 20 minutes.) NO more than 30 minutes. 
  • Cleanse - (see Exfoliate)
  • Spot Treat - apply a small amount to affected areas. 
  • Deep Repair Serum -use liberally and let absorb completely.

Kit Includes

Acne Cleanse 15ml

Acne Gel Masque 10ml

Acne Control Crème 10ml

Acne Spot Treatment 3ml

Acne Exfoliator 15ml

Acne Toner 15ml

Acne Clay Masque 10ml

Acne Serum 3ml