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Men Sampler

Men Sampler

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An affordable and generous trial sizes of each product in the Men's line. Clean and Natural products for daily care and outdoors. Includes anti-bacterial and aftershave SPF creams. The shave cream is an authentic cooling style cream that leaves the face soft and allows a smooth glide. This is an excellent opportunity for every man to go natural.

Men Cleanse 7ml

Men Exfoliator 7ml

Men Shave Creme 10ml

Men SPF Aftershave Creme 5ml

Men Antibacterial Creme ml 

Shave Routine

1) Cleanse
2) Apply Shave Creme
3) Shave
4) Apply SPF Aftershave Creme

Evening Routine (& Morning when not shaving)


1 A) Cleanse
1 B) Exfoliate (only twice a week during the evening routine)
2) Moisturize or Use Antibacterial Creme

For full product instructions please visit individual product listings.

Men Proprietary Herb Blend

burdock root, sage, thyme, yellow dock, green tea, l-ascorbic acid, neem leaf, ginger root, ginseng, rosehips, salicylic acid. Preservative: potassium sorbate USP and citric acid.


For a full list of ingredients please visit individual product listings.