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RSC Affiliate Program

Step One: Join the Team
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Step Two: Free Product
After officially joining our team, you can get started on free product! This product is will be used to promote, review, and use personally! We cater to all types of beauty influencers so you get you to enjoy our full array of products, from skincare & makeup samplers, full-size products, foundations, to facial kits & more!
Step Three: Affiliate Portal
Get set up with an affiliate portal to track your clicks, engagement, add to carts, and fulfilled orders. No need to promote discount codes, just promote your personal affiliate link* and your audience will automatically receive your personal discount in checkout when used. Track our payouts and get paid automatically via PayPal payment.
*The only way to track your sales and promotions is if your personal affiliate link is used. Ex.
Bonus: Shout-outs
Part of being an RSC Affiliate means your content will be promoted through our social media pages. 

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