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Concealer Sampler

'Includes Four Shades 
Approx. SPF 20

RSC concealer is based on the same concept as the BB Creme. A thicker consistency with higher oxide contents makes it a great spot coverage for concerns.  Great under and around the eyes.  As the creme penetrates and moisturizes the skin, it leaves a long lasting satin finish conceal.  Works as an eye brightner and for matching perfectly with its corresponding creme foundation.  

January 29, 2020
It is very good and the formula is very smooth.
Alissa S.
Verified buyer

  BB Creme Sampler

 Includes Four Shades
Approx. SPF20

RSC foundation Creme is a light creamy texture that spreads easily.  The creme base is made with rich oils to provide the moisturizer and then deliver the oxides evenly.  It can be reapplied or layered with the corresponding powder foundation for a fuller look and  lasting coverage.   Extremely light feel on the skin. 

September 18, 2019
We have ordered multiple samplers. The different hues really enable you to blend colors for different seasons (tans, etc). Great value for your money plus provides the opportunity to try out different products.
Angeline F
Verified buyer

Powder Sampler

Includes Four Shades
Approx. SPF20 with medium application

RSC foundation Powder is gentle blend of oxides and clay to bring out a matte finish that feels light on the skin.  Excellent quick medium coverage, and when added over the Creme foundation gives fuller look and lasting coverage.  Super for on the go light to medium coverage. 
February 13, 2020
You can mix the colors to find your perfect shade! It's great very natural looking and soft, you can also pick how thickly you apply so it's perfect for everyone.
Sam S.
Verified buyer

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