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February 18, 2020


When founding RSC the concept was simple, pure solution driven products with integrity. What started as an Acne solution, has grown to more than ten separate lines. This includes Clean Cosmetics. Believing that everyone should have access to our products, we began a program for Premier Customers, allowing for a 30% discount on all purchases for a year. This led into many promotions that quickly transitioned to 50% discounts that now have become the primary buying environment. With the rise in raw goods costs we need to return to our previous programs. We are trying to make it as simple a transition as possible. If not seamless.

Often you’ve seen typical emails saying “last chance” or “buy now” or “don’t miss out”: all the normal promotional jargon and buzz words. To continue discounting would mean to raise prices. Instead we chose to eliminate the discounting and move back to our Premier Customer Program and hold firm to it. We love being able to provide an affordable natural and effective product. That is our mission.

March 1st.

From that point forward any discount greater than the Premier Customer Program (30% off 24/7/365) will be on major sale dates: Black Friday and Independence Day just as it has been a little over 12 years.

So now, stock up and become part of the PCP program. I will leave up the discounts until March 1st and anyone making purchases between now and then will automatically get Premier Customer Program for free. If you are already a Premier Customer Program customer, we are going to renew your membership for free on March 1st. Easy clean transition and everyone is at the same start date.

Fresh starts are good, and we love what we do and even more so the many people that are helped through the products we provide.

Again, I can only express appreciation to so many that give us your trust and I look forward to an outstanding new year of clean living, clean products, and happy faces.

Any questions email me direct at I enjoy hearing from you guys far more than will ever let on.

Have a great year!


After March 1st. Premier Customer Program is discounted at $35 for the month of March ($50 minus 30% for the Month of March) For those that didn’t think we were serious. 😊. April 1st it will transition to the full $50.00. 

*Other smaller promotions with weekly special may be available. But the PCP program is the deepest discount accessible.

All orders totaling $75+ get free shipping. 

Spend: $50 to $174.99 get 15% off -----Code: RAW15

Spend: $175 and up get 25% off --------Code: RAW25

PCP 30% off everyday all day for an entire year. Half off renewals. 


Three per week: More on the weeks of Black Friday. 

  • Sunday – This weeks’ promotion  
  • Wednesday - Current weeks promotion and sneak peek at next week. 
  • Friday – Current event or Product Highlight.  

Any more will only be on the weeks of the Independence Sale and Black Friday Blowout. That it.