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Baby & Mom Bundle

Baby & Mom Bundle

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Everything you need to take care of your baby & yourself! Specifically designed for new moms and infants. 

Have confidence that you are only putting the safest ingredients on your baby and yourself. Formulated with 0 synthetic ingredients and a gentle combination of raw oils & butters. Help eliminate stretch marks, soothe nursing areas, and take care of your baby's needs. 

safe for use on any area & face. Great simple & gentle face wash for moms.

Baby Wash is designed for a child's delicate skin. It has a creamy, soft texture that glides across and cleanses the skin. Gentle and calendula fresh. Safe for all ages.

Baby Shea Salve is designed for a baby's delicate, sensitive skin. A multi-purpose, soothing, healing salve formulated for a variety of minor skin irritations, cuts, rashes, and burns. Shea butter is combined with nutrient-rich oils to heal and protect.

Baby Powder is 100% Talc-free. This is a gentle blend of natural powders and starches that spread evenly and absorb moisture. A simple and effective powder that is infused with Calendula and carries a soft scent.

Heal chaffing and cracking, scabs, cuts, and bruising. Bring moisture back to the deep layers of skin and soothe irritated skin & inflammation.

Boost collagen growth, brighten & tighten skin, and moisturize.