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Acne Regime Bundle

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Acne most often relates to breakouts consisting of small whiteheads and breakouts.  With any type of acne, your skin can become red and inflamed and cover multiple areas that could include the facial areas of the forehead, nose, cheek, and chin.  Mild acne can affect the shoulder area as well.

This regime is dense in anti-inflammatory green teas; the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal of willow bark extracts and Tamanu oil.   These products are made using the proprietary acne herb blend macerated into the oils and steeped into aloe to achieve a maximum result.  Triple infused products that when used with consistency, are extremely effective.   

Changing to RSC Acne products moves you away from harsh products that overtime may create over-active glands.  Over compensated skin tends to become red and inflamed and then eventually produces too much oil.

BALANCE:  Here RSC is looking to create an environment that your skin that is not only cleaned but is treated with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal blends so healing can occur.  Balanced skin will look healthier and becomes much easier to maintain.  Naturally balanced and treated skin that is building immunity: is the skin you can trust.  The natural way. 

The feeling of healthier skin will happen within a few days, and in mild cases may clear up completely.  Within a few weeks, a regime is established and consistency with the products produces consistent results. 


2oz (60mL) Cleanse
2oz (60mL) Toner
1oz (30mL) Control Creme


1oz (30mL) Cleanse
1oz (30mL) Toner
0.5oz (15mL) Control Creme


Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. 

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize.

1) Open pores with warm water or a damp heated towel.
2) Exfoliate to unclog pores and break up acne/bacteria that are embedded into the skin.
3) Apply the mask. Let it completely dry (20-30 minutes). Rinse off the mask.
4) Wash with a cleanse to remove excess product. Pat dry. 
5) Apply Serum. 

Green Tea – High in antioxidants that reduce the inflammation caused by acne as well as fight bacteria. Green Tea is also high in Vitamin E to promote healing. Tamanu Oil – This is again high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and promotes healing of the acne condition. Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract - These provide the main topical anti-bacterial kill in the products. They are gentle exfoliators and bacteria neutralizers. Hemp Seed Oil – is an oil that allows for balance and because it delivers fatty acids for cell growth and its high absorption rate actually is used to reduce the amount of oil your body produces to create this balance and balanced oil production is vital in combating acne. Too Oily and your skin attracts and deposits bacteria and to dry the skin flakes and fills pores. Balance and bacterial kill are key to controlling acne.  Be consistent and never underestimate the value of great eating habits.