Anti-Aging Regime: Moisturize & Balance

Moisturize & Balance regime combines the cleansing power of the RegeneC Cleanse and Toner to clean and detox pores. This allows for the rich hydration creme RegeneC Hydromoist to deposit Vitamin C and other nutrients to build your skin's immunity to solve and prevent aging concerns. This First Journey regime bundle is perfect for anyone to get started with Anti-Aging.  This regime uses the RegeneC products infused with Vitamin C to combat the early signs of maturing skin and dryness. Vitamin C, Tamanu, and rich emollient oils help eliminate and prevent fine lines, dry skin, rough skin, and uneven tones.


Using RSC products is a change from traditional products. You are healing your skin, giving it the nutrients it needs to stay youthful and beautiful. Natural Beauty is the only Beauty. 

Morning & Evening Routine:

Cleanse: First, dispense product up to ½ inch in diameter in your palm. Then work in a circular motion into the skin until the product has lathered and is spread evenly. Finally, let the cleanse sit for 30 to 60 seconds then rinse thoroughly.

Tone: First, hold bottle approximately 6 to 8 inches from skin's surface. Then spritz 3 to 4 times in different areas covering the entire face. Finally, let the toner sit for 30 seconds, then pat dry if needed. 

Moisturize: Apply a small amount and massage over the entire in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Reapply as needed.

We consider everything but emulsifiers and preservatives as active ingredients. The L-Ascorbic Vitamin C is infused to stimulate cell and collagen growth, a superb antioxidant. Tamanu delivers the high saturated fat oil for antibacterial and the highly-emollient oils of Meadowfoam, Argon Rosehip Mango butter. Rich emollient oils and butters to combat oxidation. The skin health and the feeding of the cells Vitamin C battles the skin's natural oxidation process.