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Concealer Foundation

Knowing Your Shade & Undertones

Determining Cool, Neutral, or Warm undertones is the beginning of finding your Flawless match. To do this, look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue, your skin is cool toned, and if they look green, your skin is warm toned. Neutral is when they appear to be a bluish green. Sometimes this is difficult and if there is any doubt, an RSC Makeup Sampler is the best first decision. These will come in four shade depths: Light is 1-4, Medium 4-7, and Dark 7-10. Each of these depths are also separated by Cool, Neutral and Warm. For Example: A light tone person can get a light foundation 1-4 in Cool, Neutral, and Warm in your choice of Creme, Powder, or Concealer.

Getting the Right Depth  

Getting the right depth is made easy and simple using the samplers as they are described above. RSC suggest using short streaks from each depth in the sampler until one blends in almost perfectly. RSC's extensive Cool, Neutral and Warm in 14 graduated depths ensures a Flawless match everytime. The best test is on your jawline area, where looking in the mirror you can see from your cheek through your neckline. Use natural light if its available.

NOTE: If you would like a suggestion on which samplers to purchase to find your Flawless match; just email a picture taken in natural light and from the cheek through the neckline. Full front is not preferred, a side profile is best. This will get you a suggestion on what one or two samplers we think will have your match. We typically respond in within 1 business days. Email to: