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The Natural Look

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The Natural look

What is a "Natural Look?"

A natural look has many sides to it.   In the classic sense it is the absolute skin deep beauty that makes us all unique.   Your natural look.   Some prefer no makeup and others need little.  A good routine with quality skin care, clean eating, and most importantly clean living is essential to holding a natural look and having the best you that all see.  Some need more cover but still want the "Natural Look" and seek natural makeup choices and techniques achieve it.  We love it and hope to help you in your best overall pursuit of the overall vibe and look you want.  

Achieving the Natural Look

 Even those that must use a full coverage for aggressive skin concerns still use the minimal amount of foundation necessary. A natural look is not only minimalist in nature, but is achieved using more earthy tones as the accents. This includes using reds, pinks, oranges, deep violets; natural mined oxides, nothing that includes dyes. . The colors, as in blush, are subtle and natural in comparison. Lips are a bit more muted with nude looks, but certainly can be brighter. Mascara is used, mostly in a strengthening bolder look, not too long. Eyeliner is thin or abscent and eye shadows are neutral slightly darker than skin tones. Some color vibrancy is added at times, but delicate. The natural look not only enhances beauty and is a wonderful everyday look, it follows a path of better cleaner products and lifestyle choices

The Beauty Beneath the Makeup

The beauty beneath the makeup:  repetition, consistency, commitment.  RSC offers excellent clean solutions for your skin and makeup needs, that's our mission.  Offering encouragement in clean lifestyle choices and commitment is also what we do.   

RSC founder Sarah Johnson: "I believe intensely of the inner peace and self care that effects not only your health, it effects the glow of your skin.  Give yourself the right resources and perspective;  its more important than the greatest products.  Believe in your beauty and you will  achieve it."   

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