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Makeup & SkinCare Dynamic

Why Your Makeup & SkinCare Should be Natural.

Using the both RSC skincare and cosmetics is all about added value.  Both are conceived and produced with not only high quality standards, but purely clean standards. Vegan, plant based, natural, and ... even organic....  Does Not mean these mainstream products are clean. Our definition of clean is an ingredient list that anyone can not only understand, but can acquire knowledge of those ingredients to understand that they are ethically produces with the highest standards. To mix and match the clean with commercial products is to take a step backwards in a forward movement to use and commit to not only natural products, but clean products. 

Why You Can't Have One without the Other

The short answer is, you can.  The best answer is, results. Using the RSC system as a whole ensures that the same clean concept of pure attention is given to the overall skin health and stays intact. These are products that are designed to be nutritious, gentle, and effective in every way. The cosmetic range is manufactured with the same clean ingredients as the skin care with added color. RSC has developed an overall system that helps maintain a simple clean lifestyle and the bonus is wildly effective products

Mainstream Makeup vs. Natural Makeup

The most obvious differences is the lack of silicones, dimethicones, micas, and stringent preservatives. RSC uses the same clean methodology to enhance the cosmetic experience as we do skincare and solutions.  Makeup is viewed as a solution, therefore made with clean nutritious ingredients; coupled with natural oxides.  Another outstanding difference is the Flawless match system that through a simple sample program, allows you to find a match that is perfectly suited to your skin tone. Our samplers are the best system available for matching. 

Mainstream SkinCare vs. Natural SkinCare

Mainstream skincare is all but completely polluted with filler ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to understand.  Much of the natural skincare available today is a actually a mix of some great natural ingredients and cheap, harmful, typical filler ingredients.   Any label will lead you to this exact confusion. Its the confusion that RSC has eliminated and it is simple to discern our ingredients, our philosophy of solutions, and the simplicity with which that philosophy is activated. Its all about nutritious, effective products that are low on water, high on herbal blends, and oils that carry into and feed the skin. Building immunity not unlike the dietary compliments in which RSC believes in so strongly.

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