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Frequently Asked Questions

Information is your most powerful resource. If your questions are not answered here and would like clarification on a particular subject or product, don't hesitate to ask!
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Q: Can I return a foundation?

A: Absolutely, within 7 days you may return or exchange a foundation color one time. If you are unsure of your color be sure to look at our color chart and/or sampler page.

Q: Does your makeup carry micas, dimethicones, silicones, or glycerin?

A: Absolutely not. If it is not on the label, it is not there.

Q: Can I return cosmetic samplers?

A: No, unfortunately all sampler sales are final.

Q: Do your foundations have SPF value?

A: Yes, RSC Foundations are approximately SPF20. To increase the SPF value we also carry a SPF15 day creme that is applied underneath.  All SPF is a blend if Titanium Dioxide and Zinc.  Other ingredients like Shea Butter have a natural SPF, but we consider the oxides as the inhibitors alone. 

Q: If I'm still uncertain after looking at the color chart, what is the best way to pick my color?

A: Send a picture from your cheekbone through your neck in natural light. Full face is not neccessary. Just cheekbone through the neck profile is preferred. Contact


Q: Can I return my sampler? 

A: No, unfortunately all sampler sales are final.

Q: Is it okay to mix and match skin care solutions? i.e. For example. Buying a creme from Rosacea and other products from Acne or RegeneC.

A: Absolutely, the lines can be mixed and matched to find your perfect regime if necessary.

Q: Can I exchange full size skincare products?

A: Yes, you may return or exchange anything within 7 days of purchase, one time.  This may appear to be a stringent policy; however RSC offers an extensive sampling program and we encourage that you start your journey with the samplers. 

Q: I need help selecting a regime. How do I get it?

A: Please send a detailed email to and we will gladly get back to you and help you work through it. Each sampler and product page has a suggested regime for each line.


Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: We ship any where and every the USPS will allow us. If they ship there, we ship there.
Please see

Q: Who is responsible for the product and shipping if my product never arrives.

A: We handle that by a case by case basis.