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100% Raw Philosophy

At RawSkinCeuticals (RSC) our goal is to provide a top-quality product that your skin loves while being as raw as can be. We only use organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed oils, gmo-free herbs, raw waxes & butters, and natural derivitives all prepared under 140F to presereve the integrity of the nutrients .
Each skincare line is formulated with a carefully curated triple-infused herbal blend designed to boost the natural properties the skin needs to address your particular concerns and enhance the functional qualities of the product.

1) Steeped Herbal Blends

The First Infusion:

Steeped for 90+ days. Unlike other brands, we don't use straight water. Instead, we steep our herbal blends in water to then mix into the product base. Therefore boosting the nutritional value of the product. When herbs are steeped, key minerals and antioxidants are released as the herb breaks down. Doing this at a low temperature for 3 months or more allows the water base, once strained of herbs, to be saturated in beneficial nutrients.

2) Herbs Macerated in Carrier Oils

The Second Infusion:

Macerated for 90+ days, herbal blends break down into key carrier oils at a low temperature to preserve the integrity of the nutrition. The maceration process breaks down nutrients that are delivered to all layers of your skin cells via the carrier oils - hence the name "carrier oil." These herbs breakdown into their simple molecules of vitamins and minerals with enhance the inherent properties of the oil itself.

3) Direct Herbal Infusion

The Third Infusion:

Certain herbs, such has green tea and zinc, are most effectively when applied directly onto the skin. In this third infusion, the herbs that your skin loves are infused directly into the product itself. This allows for a higher density of key vitamins without the need for harmful synthetic concentrates. Same effectiveness without the adverse reactions. Directly applied herbs also boost your skin's strength and immunity through improved T-Cell count - the cells that break down these herbs into their base molecules. All herbs we use are 100% organic and ethically sourced.