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How RSC Started

Sarah, our founder, suffered skin problems from a very early age. Like so many others, she tried everything. From over the counter products to dermatologists prescribed solutions. Obviously, there were period’s of diminished blemishes, but she can never remember when her skin wasn’t irritated by either redness caused by the breakouts - or dryness as a result of the products. Makeup was the only salvation and though it covered the problems, constant coverage perpetuated breakouts. In her mid twenties Sarah took a different approach. With the advantage of being an at home mom , Sarah was able to research natural solutions and begin experimenting. Sarah has always believed in home remedies and naturally healing your body; avoiding doctors and prescriptive medicines whenever possible. The turn to natural and organic materials was simply philosophy crossing necessity. Now as the experimenting and research became fruitful, the natural herbs and oils became more organize, actual products materialized; then an entire line. Soon, others were asking to try the solutions - as they saw success a completely different plan began to materialize; developing full lines for all skin types and conditions. Here in-lies the beginning of Raw Skin Ceuticals. Almost twenty years from the first herb purchases to full product line.

Our Legacy | A Family Brand

Sarah L. Johnson 1979 - 2016

Sarah, RSC's founder & face of the company, and Dane Johnson, co-founder & master formulator, started RawSkinCeuticals 2007. Traveling from famer's markets in the Rocky Mountains to tradeshows in California we gathered a small group of customers in those early years who helped us develop the many lines you see today. Sarah's goal was to create a brand, that helped people solve their most concerning issues naturally.  A legacy that would be enjoyed by many for generations to come. In 2014, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In early 2016 she passed leaving behind a loving a husband, her four children, a family of customers who she loved and grew close too. Today, our family honors her mission of providing holistic skin solutions and clean makeup in a effective and affordable way.

To every customer who has purchased from us,
Thank you!