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Diet Habits

How Does Diet Effect My Skin?

As is often said, the skin is the largest organ in your body. We say it stands to reason that a fresh balanced diet sourced as close to farm to market as possible is the best way to be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. What RSC does to topically enhance your skin is accentuated and improved with clean eating and life style.

Why Diet Plays Such A Big Role

Its all about habit and lifestyle. Regardless of how much time one spends on a skin regime and/or applying cosmetics, it still pales in comparison to time spent thinking of, preparing, consuming and cleaning food that is put in our bodies. Creating good eating routines lends itself to consistency; and when it comes to beautiful skin using clean topical products... consistency is the only way. Formulate a good life plan with clean products, whether those products are topical or internal. One compliments the other.

NOTE: Clean SkinCare & Makeup WILL help solve your skin problems, but better diet leads to less long term damage from previous skincare regimes and overall faster healing with better skin.,

Foods, Compounds, & Ingredients to Stay Away From

Fried Foods. Alcohol. White Rice. Candy. Salty Snacks. Caffeinated Drinks.

All of these are difficult to avoid all the time, and some we don't give up at all.  But your common goal of beautiful skin and healthy body typically involves the exclusion of many foods and that is especially true on anything that is heavy in sugars.  As you see above in the short list because so much can be added, sugar and bad fats are extremely uncomplimentary to healthy skin and lifestyle.  

The Good Foods, Compounds, & Ingredients

FRESH, FRESH, FRESH.  Maybe one more time?  FRESH

Consuming anything that is fresh and as close to raw as possible is absolutely the best way to build immunity for your skin. What more can we say that hasn't been studied, stated, restated and announced.  Eat greens, Eat fruit, Eat whole grain, Eat Fresh. Clean food and clean products are a lifestyle to begin with your next choices.  Its that close in hand.  

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