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Anti-Aging Sampler

Anti-Aging Sampler

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consistency is key!

Designed to deliver the fatty acid oils and vitamin c enriched products to gently aged to mature skin. Young skin for maintenance is also included. This is an excellent line for softening and encouraging the skin to revitalize through nourishment and consistency. All products in this line are based on Vitamin C.

RegeneC Cleanse 7ml
RegeneC Exfoliator 7ml
RegeneC Toner 7ml
RegeneC Day Creme 5ml
RegeneC Scar Creme 5ml
RegeneC Hydromoist 5ml
RegeneC C-Mask 10ml
RegeneC C-Eye Creme 3ml
RegeneC C-Serum 2ml
How to Use
Morning & Evening Routine

1 A) Cleanse
1 B) Exfoliate (only twice a week during the evening routine.
2) Tone
3) Moisturize
4) Spot treat problem areas and blemishes.


1) Remove makeup & wipe face clean
2) Rinse face with warm water to open pores
3) Exfoliate your face to break up toxins and remove buildup
4) Apply Mask (A little goes a long way!)
5) Wash off with warm water again
6) Wash face with cleanse - rinse

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RegeneC Proprietary Herb Blend

Chrysanthemum, Helichrysum Flowers, Orange Peel, Rosehips, Eyebright, Acerola Cherry, Cleavers, l-Ascorbic Acid. Preservative: Potassium Sorbate USP and Citric Acid

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