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Eczema Sampler


Eczema Sampler Program: 


Using RSC products is a change from traditional harsh products.   You are healing your skin, giving it every opportunity to combat your eczema,  leaving it healthier and calmer.  It is a natural system. 


Designed for mild to heavy Eczema breakouts and rashes. 

Eczema Treatment Lotion    30 ml

Eczema Rash Relief Lotion  30 ml 

Eczema Deep Cleanse         10 ml

Eczema Treatment Cream   12 ml

Eczema Deep Cleanse DC is designed for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and most varieties of topical skin rashes. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal gentle cleanse with exfoliator provides a deep cleanse to remove bacteria and toxins from areas affected by eczema.