Rosacea Toner

Our Rosacea Toner is designed for rosacea, red with inflamed skin, acne with red, and very sensitive skin. Alcohol + fragrance free formula safe for very sensitive skin types. Evens tone and tightens pores and removes excess bacteria on the skin's surface. Our formula is gentle yet effective to leave your skin clear and refreshed.


  • Use twice daily. (Once in morning and once in evening.)
  • Always apply before applying cremes, lotions or serums.
  • Always apply immediately following cleanse, exfoliator or masque.
  • Spritz Toner on face in the morning before applying moisturizer and the evening 
    immediately following Cleanse/Exfoliator and before applying Eye Creme, Age Spot + Scar Creme or Moisturizer.

Ingredients: aloe leaf juice, witch hazel. Proprietary anti-red herb complex blend: green tea, chaparral, marshmallow root, red clover, poke root, gotu kola, neem leaf, oregon grape root, calamus, comfrey leaf, calendula flower, rosehips, l-ascorbic acid. preservative blend: potassium sorbate usp, citric acid